Hori RAP4 and RAP.V, What’s the Difference?

Let’s start by saying Hori’s naming scheme is… confusing. It took me a good while to figure out how to interpret the names.

One of the biggest head scratchers I see people wonder:

What’s the difference between Real Arcade Pro.V Kai for Xbox One and Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai for PS4?

And is the “V” model a later, newer model?

Real Arcade Pro.V Kai for Xbox is almost identical to the Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai for Playstation 4. The design is the same. There are no differences in performance or looks, except:

  • RAP.V Kai for Xbox One has Kuro (older) buttons (2018 update: now the latest revision of this model also has Hayabusa buttons!
  • RAP4 Kai for Playstation 4 has the latest Hayabusa buttons

Both of them has Hayabusa joysticks. Earlier versions of RAP4 Kai had the older Kuro buttons. It looks like the Xbox version never got the upgrade to Hayabusa buttons. Now in 2018 even the Xbox RAP.V version has Hayabusa buttons. That said, it’s currently possible that the stock is mixed, so when you buy one for Xbox, it could be either model. Hayabusa buttons are the successors to Kuro buttons, with a really low profile and small travel.

Only other notable difference that I could find:

  • RAP.V‘s USB cord has a quick-detach feature (like on official Xbox controllers), so if someone stumbles on the cord, the cable will detach – instead of pulling the controller or console. I’d guess this is Microsoft’s requirement to make it an officially licensed Xbox controller
  • RAP4 is offered in alternate colors (blue, red, white)

What does the “V” stand for, then?

The V in the name doesn’t stand for the Roman numeral V (5), but for the button layout called Vewlix.

There is a Hori Real Arcade Pro.N Hayabusa stick which has “N” in the name, meaning Noir button layout.

There is no RAP5, and almost for sure won’t be before the next Playstation is released.

But what about the “4”?

I assume the “4” in RAP4 Kai means Playstation 4. RAP3 was for PS3, and RAP2 for PS2, respectively. There’s nothing here to specifically mention Vewlix, but it’s the most common layout anyway.

What does the “Kai” stand for?

Kai in Hori’s naming scheme means that the joystick is slightly further away from the buttons. This is done to accommodate the Western market (wider shoulders?).


RAP.V Kai for Xbox and RAP4 Kai for Playstation are basically the same sticks – except they use different buttons.

V is for Vewlix, N is for Noir.

In Japan, there exists a 2017 version of Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa for Playstation, which adds a headphone jack. I don’t see any other notable differences, as the form factor is also the same. For the time being, it’s only sold in Japan, but multiple importers are selling the stick in Amazon.

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    • Hey killer, if that’s even your real name,

      Thanks for pointing that out! Looks like they have indeed updated it recently, it’s all Hayabusa on the Xbox version too. Very nice.

      The older model with the Kuro buttons might still be around for a while, mixed with this new hardware revision of the arcade stick.


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