Mayflash F500 Review: Universal Fightstick

Mayflash F500 (Amazon) is the big brother to F300. Many of the things written in the F300 review apply, like multi-platform support and the quality of the buttons/joystick, but F500 is improved in a few areas:

  • It’s bigger and heavier (it has a metal top and bottom plate), so it feels sturdier
  • Custom artwork is easy to add, and it has a plexi panel on top of the artwork to protect it
  • It has a headphone jack
  • There’s a compartment for the USB cable where you can hide it
  • Support for a vibrating wrist strap (has to be bought separately)

Multi-platform support is wide: F500 supports PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android, and as of now F500 supports Nintendo Switch too (after an update to the fightstick itself).

Same as its little brother, it’s easy to mod, and likewise it uses standard 30mm buttons and a square restrictor gate is in place as usual.

But there’s one surprise that’s likely to please many: It comes with an extra octagonal restrictor gate. This is a somewhat recent addition inside the box, which is still not mentioned in the product description.

Unfortunately, the USB port is still located so that the protruding USB cable is pointing towards you, risking the bending of the cable. To me it seems like a really odd design decision, and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it.


Magicboots for controller-free action

There’s an additional addon called MagicBoots, which when connected to the USB port on the arcade stick, removes the need to connect your controller/gamepad to it. It’s a small stick, like the small receiver stick you’d have on a wireless mouse. But you have to buy it separately for each console you want to use it with. Links to the PS4, XB1 and X360 versions.

Customization and features

Because of the custom artwork, you really can improve the looks of the stick and make it your own. There’s a removable sheet of paper under a plexi panel. You can find the F500 template artwork by clicking here. To replace the artwork, you need to open up the case and remove the buttons and joystick first.

Headphone jack is a welcome addition. It has a bit weak output, and it doesn’t have its own volume slider, so you have to adjust volume from your headset or from the console’s menus.
If you are using Xbox 360, you will have to connect the headset to the X360 controller though.

Mayflash F500 certainly has a considerably better feel to it than F300, much thanks to the metal plates at the top and bottom. The case is notably bigger so you have room to rest your palms on. I guess a product’s weight is often associated with quality in general, considering how some products have artificially increased weight just to make them feel more premium.

I’m pretty sure they use exactly the same parts for F500 as for F300, so the joystick and buttons doesn’t really give that “authentic feel” of the arcade machines many of us used to play with. The buttons are mushy and doesn’t have that satisfying sound nor feel, but rather has a very plasticky sound. But for your first stick, they are manageable and “good enough”. But do keep in mind that you can – and should – mod them sometime in the future.

Mayflash F500 template

You can download the Mayflash F500 artwork top panel template by clicking the image below, or from Mayflash’s website (seems like it’s not available anymore).

F500 Artwork Template

Click it, then right-click with your mouse button -> Save image as…


Mayflash F500 Review


Bigger and better than F300? Perhaps: With a bit of extra cash, you get a heftier and better-looking version. It also has easily changeable artwork to truly customize it to your liking.

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