Mayflash F300 Review: Universal Fightstick

Mayflash F300 (Amazon) can often be found at the top of the best-selling arcade sticks at Amazon. It’s from a Chinese manufacturer Mayflash Limited, which manufactures arcade sticks and different kinds of adapters for controllers.

F300 fightstick doesn’t have very striking looks, and to me it looks like a really bland compact plastic box. Its stock buttons and joystick aren’t getting much praise from players either.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

What makes this a bestseller, then?

Its redeeming qualities comes mainly down to three points:

  • It’s cheap
  • It supports PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Android and now Nintendo Switch (requires update)
  • It’s easily moddable

Being able to “upgrade” it gets points from the more dedicated players. Mayflash knows this; it’s even a selling point in the product description that it’s compatible with Sanwa Denshi buttons (30 mm). Of course, modding adds to the price.

Modding: Replacing parts of the arcade stick, usually the buttons and the joystick, to better ones, like to Sanwa or Seimitsu brand.

Want to customize it even further and make it unique? You could print some artwork decal on a sticker paper and apply it on the surface.

But beware: if there’s no layer protecting the sticker from your hands that keep rubbing against it, it will probably wear out the artwork quickly.

If adding custom artwork is something you really want to do, consider Mayflash F500, as the artwork is easily changeable in that model.

Is Mayflash F300 good enough, or do I really have to mod it?

Experienced players shout in unison “you have to mod this fightstick!”.

Let’s suppose you don’t wanna do that, especially if this is your first arcade stick. Is it really that bad?

That depends.

If this is going to be your first stick, and you don’t have any prior experience or point of reference, it’s going to serve you just fine.

If and when you feel the need for something better, you can dish out additional cash and order Sanwa Denshi buttons.

One good place to order them from, and various other parts, is Focus Attack or Amazon.


If you’re a more experienced, seasoned joystick player, and have played with quality parts before, this stick won’t do you any favors. F300 will disappoint you, unless you plan to use it for a modding project.

The buttons are mushy and not especially responsive. They just don’t feel right.

I’ve also read and heard that people have complained that the buttons might start to occasionally get stuck, after only a short time of use. Might be just bad samples.

The joystick has some weight to it, but it doesn’t feel very smooth when compared to Sanwa’s counterparts, and a far cry from Hayabusa. The engage distance is a bit large, i.e. how much you have to move the stick until it “clicks” and registers an input. It comes with a square gate, like pretty much every arcade stick out there.

The size and weight of Mayflash F300 is average, leaning to the small size. If you have large hands, your left hand may not necessarily rest comfortably on the side of the joystick. I have small hands, so I have no issues.

However, if you’re a lap player, I’d say there IS an issue with the USB cable protruding from the front at bottom left (it’s behind the logo sticker in the main picture). That is, if you play with anything else than PS3 or PC.

Compatible with PS4, PS3, XB1, X360, PC… with an inconvenience

Mayflash F300 Quick Start GuideWhile it’s very convenient that the arcade stick is compatible with multiple platforms, there’s a catch.

If playing with PS4, XB1 or X360, you need to:

  1. Connect a USB cable from the arcade stick to your console, as one would expect
  2. THEN you also need to connect a USB cable between your Playstation/Xbox controller and Mayflash F300

Why do you need to do this?

There are some technicalities why this kind of method is used. This way of connecting supposedly bypasses the consoles’ own security methods that prevents the use of “unauthorized” contollers.

When using PS3, you don’t need to connect the controller to the arcade stick; it works directly.

Having to use an additional cable connected to a controller is annoying, but if your arcade stick stays firmly on the table, I guess it wouldn’t be a big issue. If you hold it on your lap when playing or otherwise move it around (passing the stick to your friend), it can be cumbersome. On the other hand, you can use your regular controller at the same time while it’s connected to the arcade stick, if for some reason you prefer to use that in some situations.

There is a pricey solution to solve the inconveniency of a cable

MagicBoots supports F300, which is basically a wireless dongle that you connect to your arcade stick, removing the need to physically connect a PS4 controller to it. Unfortunately, it’s quite pricey, so it may not be the most lucrative option if you’re looking to stay on the cheap.

But maybe down the road if you really like your arcade stick?


Mayflash F300 Review


This is a good contender in the budget category to test the waters of fightsticks. If, and when, you start feeling something isn’t quite right how this fightstick handles or feels, seriously consider about modding it with Sanwa Denshi parts (it’s not difficult).

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    • Good question, hadn’t seent the Elite version until now. It might very well be if you had plans to mod it anyway, and you want to save the trouble of finding, ordering, and installing the parts yourself.

      But then again, if you just wanna get it as cheap as possible, then the higher price is probably too much.

  1. I’m having a problem with using this with the ps4. It randomly disconnects and i have to reconnect my ps4 controller, then log in to my account with the arcade stick. Makes it useless for online fights. Any idea why this happens?


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