Mayflash F300 Elite, F500 Elite vs Non-Elite versions, What’s the Difference?

Mayflash F300 Elite and F500 Elite comes euipped with better parts than their regular non-Elite versions.

Mayflash has always been making a point with their budget arcade sticks F300 and F500 that they are easily moddable, and that they can fit Sanwa’s parts. And for many that was the reason they bought the cheap F300: so that they could install superior Sanwa parts to upgrade their sticks.

A while ago people at Mayflash decided they might as well save you the trouble of modding their sticks.

So they released alternative “Elite” versions that already include the most common upgrade many people install once they get their hands on them: Sanwa’s joystick and buttons.

Elite versions have different coloring; you recognize them from the black top plate, but with beige grey frame otherwise (and the somewhat out-of-place white button). Very retro, somewhat NES-like. I dig it.

The price is of course a bit higher, but might be worth it if you had plans to install Sanwa’s parts anyway, but were maybe a bit hesitant doing it yourself.

(Looking for differences between regular F300 and F500?)

Prices last updated on 2021-01-24 at 09:40 UTC+1 - Details

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