Mayflash F300 and F500 Now Supports Nintendo Switch

Mayflash has just updated their F300 and F500 arcade sticks to support Nintendo Switch. Nice!

To get them to work, you need to update your Mayflash fightstick first. F300 needs firmware version 1.13 and F500 needs version 1.14.

You can download the latest firmare from Mayflash’s website. How-to update instructions for each stick is included in the release note txt file.

Here’s Mayflash’s instructions how to get your stick working with Nintendo Switch:

  1. Please push the switch located on the left top corner of the F300 Arcade Stick to the “Xinput” mode The F300 can be identified by the Nintendo Switch system and PC system automatically.
  2. If the F300 can not be identified by the Switch and PC system automatically, please switch to the Xinput mode by pressing and holding “START” and “Y/△” for 3 seconds, or switch to the Nintendo Switch mode by pressing and holding “START” and “X/□” for 3 seconds.

Mayflash had their updated website up for a while, but they seem to have reverted back to the old one. Links updated.

15 thoughts on “Mayflash F300 and F500 Now Supports Nintendo Switch”

    • How did you make it work friend? I update the firmware of the f500 and connect it to the dock of the nintendo switch and it does not recognize me, should I connect an additional control to the burning stick? or what am I doing wrong

  1. please help me. trying to update for switch. I don’t understand literally anything and I can’t find instructions would someone please tell me what to do?

    • Hi Ron,
      What’s the issue exactly? You can find the installation instructions when you download the update file for your device (it’s the file called “Release Notes”).

      This is for the F300:
      1. Download the firmware from and install it on your Windows system
      2. Press and hold the HOME button on F300, and plug the USB cable of F300 into your PC
      3. As soon as the adapter has been recognized, select “Update”

      This is for the F500:
      1. Download the firmware from and install it on your Windows system.
      2. Double click on the firmware and leave the firmware window open on your screen.
      3. Press and hold “Start” and “Select” button on the Arcade Stick F500.
      4. Connect the Arcade Stick F500 directly to a USB interface on your PC, still holding “Start” and “Select” button at entire time.
      5. As soon as the updater window indicates under “Device” that the Arcade stick F500 has been recognized, you may release “Start” and “Select” button.
      6. Select “Update”
      7. Do not disconnect the device until you are informed that the updated was completed successfully.

    • Hey mate,
      When you say it’s not working, what’s actually happening? Does your Switch give some error message or something?

      Were you able to update the firmware of the F300/F500 successfully?

  2. I’m having issues connecting it to my dock as well for the switch. I updated the firmware. F500 works fine on my PC just want it to work for my switch.

  3. Can i connect 2 joistick F300 or F500 to 1 nintendo switch to play with other person?

    I mean 2 people playing in 1 nintendo switch each one with a F300 or F500 joistick, do i need a USb splitter or something like that?

  4. I’m trying to update a friend’s F300 to work with a Switch. Downloaded firmware v1.13 and went to install, but apparently v1.19 is already installed on his device. It does not seem to be backwards compatible with his Switch. Is there a way to walk the firmware backwards, or some other approach we should be trying?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi Tim
      You don’t need to downgrade the version. I’m not sure if that’s even possible. V.1.13 was when the Switch support was added, so all the later versions will also have it. It’s probably some other issue.


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