Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa Review for Nintendo Switch

Hori brings their classic RAP4 design to Nintendo Switch in the form RAP.V (Amazon), bringing all the goodies from the tried-and-true stick. This Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa is officially licensed by Nintendo, but also works on PC.

  • Joystick: Hayabusa brand
  • Buttons: Hayabusa brand

I’ve played with RAP4, so I was right at home when trying out this stick. It’s essentially the same thing. It’s beast-sized compared to the small Nintendo Switch console. You can check out the RAP4 Kai review for PS4 too to get additional info about this stick.

The joystick moves smoothly with a clear click and is very fluid to use. The responsive, low-travel (how quickly the buttons activate when you press them) buttons feels great and have a satisfying “clicky” sound. It also means that playing with this arcade stick is somewhat noisy, but it also depends on your playing style.

And just as you’d expect, it’s as mod-friendly as the other RAPs before it.

You’ve probably heard Sanwa this, Sanwa that, mod your arcade sticks with them. If you know you don’t like Hori’s Hayabusa buttons or joystick, you can always swap them out. But I would give Hayabusas a chance – don’t go blindly buying Sanwas before trying out the stock ones first. They are on equal footing, so it’s merely a matter of preference.

Connecting RAP.V to Nintendo Switch

The stick needs to be connected to the dock of the Switch via a USB cable. It doesn’t use USB-C cable, but a normal A type connector. The cable is 9.8 ft (3 m) long.

Hori RAP.V for NS from the sideCan it work wirelessly?


I wouldn’t really want that either, as wireless tech can cause additional lag to inputs. It’s miniscule, sure, but in fighting you want none of it. Also no need for batteries.

If you want to connect the arcade stick directly to an undocked Switch, you need a USB to USB C adapter. Do remember that the USB C connector is at the bottom of the Switch, so you can’t use Switch’s own kickstand while the cable is connected. Bummer.

An option could be to get a separate Switch Stand, like the foldable Hori Compact Play Stand. But that’s one more additional gadget to carry and keep track of… I’m still bummed about Nintendo’s decision to locate the charging port at the bottom.

The simple artwork is crimson red, and in person it’s actually very pretty, better than in the product pictures where it looks like bright red that burns your eyes.

All Switch’s buttons are available, and more are hidden to the right side under the case’s “lip”. Included is a switch that chooses which input is controlled with the joystick; D-pad (DP), left stick (LS) or right stick (RS). In most cases DP is what you’ll keep it at.

Should you buy RAP.V Hayabusa?

If you’re out for the best arcade stick you can currently get, and can afford to dish out a noticeable amount of money – YES, it’s worth it! The price (check current price) can be steep, but you do get a lot of quality for your money.

Well, there’s actually not even many alternatives to choose from.

Currently the only option is the cheap 8Bitdo N30, which is wireless. It looks like it has exactly the same case as Mayflash F300. But these sticks are on a completely different level, which means Hori’s Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa pretty much is the only option for a high-end stick.

There’s a big, ugly elephant in the room for Switch owners:

There is still no Virtual Console for Nintendo Switch.

Currently, only games you can really play with this stick is Ultra Street Fighter II and NeoGeo games. And soon Pokkén Tournament DX that is just around the corner.


Hori Real Arcade Pro.V Hayabusa Review for Nintendo Switch


This is pretty much the same stick as RAP4. It’s a bit pricey, relatively speaking, but it offers a lot of bang for the buck. If fighting and arcade games are at your heart, this is the best, and only choice for a tournament-grade stick for the Switch.

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  1. Considering how the Switch is shaping up to be this console generation’s STG home, there’s quite a few more games on the platform that would take advantage of having a good stick than you let on in the article. Danmaku Unlimited 3, all of the Psikyo titles, RXN, the list goes on.


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