Hori Real Arcade Pro.N Hayabusa Review for PS4

Hori RAP.N Hayabusa (Amazon) is currently the latest of Hori’s 2017 arcade stick offerings for PS4. If you don’t like RAP4’s (review) wide and slender but otherwise short case, and would rather prefer a heavier and spacier box-styled case, RAP.N could be your cup of tea. It has more room for wrists without the sloping edge.

One notable difference is that RAP.N uses the less common Noir layout for buttons; the right-most buttons arc downwards more heavily compared to the most used Vewlix layout, which is used on almost every fightstick on the Western market. I found the layout quite pleasant to use, but I can’t say that it was actually better – or worse – than Vewlix layout that I’m most used to. I guess you get used to either, and it’s purely a preference.

Though Noir is apparently preferred in games which utilize mostly 4 buttons, like Tekken. If you want to try out how Noir feels like, you could try printing out the Noir layout on paper and then see how it feels to position your hand and fingers that way.

Components, features, customization

I’ve come to love Hayabusa components, which I personally prefer over Sanwas. This stick as well sports Hori’s in-house Hayabusa short-throw buttons, and they are as responsive as ever. If you like to rest your fingers on buttons, you probably need some time to adjust to avoid accidental presses, because these are sensitive and have a really short activation distance. This also makes them feel “quicker”.

The joystick is smooth and sensitive to use, but might feel too loose for others. But if you prefer Sanwas or other brands, this stick allows you to easily swap the parts. Buttons are of the standard 30 mm size.

This arcade stick has a headphone jack, which is a welcome addition. Amusingly the Options button is hidden behind a hatch in the top right corner. Buttons otherwise are all on the front panel at the top, and touchpad on the back behind the pushbuttons.

Same as on RAP4, the stick is easily moddable, but the artwork is not as easily swappable. The compartment door that broke easily on RAP4, does feel a bit more sturdier on RAP.N. I haven’t heard others complaining about it either, yet at least.

Hori Real Arcade Pro.N Hayabusa is a tremendous arcade stick which performs equally well as the Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai, with a few additions over it. You can’t go wrong with either, but RAP.N could be a better choice if you have large hands or you just prefer having more space for your hands.

Hori Real Arcade Pro Tekken 7 Edition

You might be wondering what’s the difference to the Tekken 7 Edition which seems to share the looks and dimensions. Well, it is almost exactly the same stick. Only notable difference is at the bottom plate; Tekken 7 Edition has 4 small rubber feet on it but nothing covering the metal plate otherwise, while RAP.N Hayabusa has two large rubber pads covering most of the plate, but no rubber feet.


Hori Real Arace Pro N Hayabusa Review for PS4


Great larger (and boxier) option for the slender RAP4. Especially if you got big hands, and don’t mind trying Noir button layout, you can’t go wrong with RAP.N Hayabusa.

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      How do you mean? At the top row where the PS, turbo etc. buttons are, there’s a small switch which says PS4 / PS3 that you can use to switch between those two systems. When connected to PS4 it should behave like any controller on PS4.


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