Black Friday Fightstick Deals 2018 (+Cyber Monday)

Last year’s Black Friday had a few good arcade stick deals, especially for Razer, though I would have liked to see deals across the board. There were none for Mayflash’s fightsticks. Let’s see what this year brings.

There’s usually a head start way before the Black Friday. This is how some of the offers looked like last year.


Arcade Shock:

Currently their Black Friday Week offers have 20% off for parts storewide, and up to 50% off for select clothing. Looks like they’ll later have offers on Qanba Obsidian, Hori RAP4 Kai, Hori Fighting Edge, and the massive Qanba Dragon.

Focus Attack:

Their Cyber Week Sale has 20% off storewide, BUT fightsticks are discounted separately. You can also enter their daily giveaway to have a chance to win some free stuff.

Razer Store:

Razer’s Cyber Weekend has offers for their peripherals. Razer Panthera arcade stick is for $30 off.

Qanba USA:

20% off sitewide during Black Friday and Cyber Monday at Qanba USA with code THANKSGIVING2018.


GameStop has Razer Panthera and Razer Atrox for cheap.
Beware, though: Last year I remember reading comments that there were some people who were left out without a stick when GameStop was out of stock, but still allowing people to order them. It kind of reflects my personal experiences with GameStop over the past years, as they don’t seem to have a very robust webstore system. Hopefully it’s better this time.


I’ll update this page when I come across any deals and offers.

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